Police’s top tips to keep sheds secure following Reading burglaries

CAVERSHAM and other parts of Reading have seen a spate of burglaries from sheds and garages in recent weeks.

Three outbuildings at properties in Caversham were burgled in the space of five days at the start of the month.

And earlier this week, police reported a string of shed break-ins in the Queens Road area of Reading.

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Many people don’t secure their garage or shed in the same way they do their homes, and opportunistic burglars will often try these parts of properties first as they can find tools they need to break into homes.

And if it’s not tools they are stealing, it’s most often bikes, lawn mowers or sports gear.

Here’s what TVP recommends doing to keep your sheds and garages secure.

‘Think like a thief’

Police say it is wise to take a look around your outbuilding and think of ways thieves could possibly break in.

Think about your padlock, does it have exposed screws?

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Hinges are sometimes easily removable and may need reinforcing.

Windows could be vulnerable unless they’re secured with wire mesh or grills.

Alarm it

Battery operated shed-alarms look low-key but can respond to movement or door contact with an extremely loud siren.

Lock it!

It goes without saying that your outbuilding should be locked, but it’s also worth locking tools in a toolbox or securing important items, such as bikes, with a lockable stand or chain.

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Sheets are useful for covering bigger items, such as lawn mowers or bikes, keeping them hidden from view.

Mark it

Writing a name or number on your valuables might deter thieves from taking them, and in the event they are stolen, this can help police return them to you should they be retrieved.

It’s also important to check your insurance covers the contents of your shed or garage from theft.

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