Number of Thames Valley Police officers arrested revealed

MORE than 50 police officers from the Thames Valley were arrested between 2016 and 2021.

However, of those arrested, only four were charged.

New figures show 52 officers were cuffed from April 2016 to March 2021, with most of them arrested for violence and misconduct offences.

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Nine were arrested for sexual offences, four for traffic incidents, and three for perjury.

One was arrested for stalking and “malicious communications”.

Reading Chronicle:

However, only four of these officers were charged — just seven per cent.

Of the four charges, one was for indecent images, one was for grievous bodily harm, one was for an abuse of authority for sexual gain, and one was for battery.

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A Thames Valley Spokesperson said it follows referral criteria set by the independent office for police conduct should an officer be arrested.

They said all officers, staff, volunteers and contractors are fully vetted before they join the force.

The spokesperson added: “All officers and staff are also repeat vetted in accordance with the national standards.”

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